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Building a Chat App with React Native and Gifted Chat

In this tutorial series, I’ll be showing you how to build a functional and secure chat app using the latest React Native libraries and the Expo framework, powered by the ChatKitty platform. Part 2 covers creating public channels for users to discover, j…

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Multi-User Todo App Using SyncState and React

Hi! This article is divided into two parts. Firstly, we will build a Todo app using React and SyncState. Next, we will add a multi-user (shared state) functionality with the help of the remote-plugin of SyncState that works with If you …

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React Query 3 Released

Previous versions of React Query were awesome and brought some amazing new features, more magic, and an overall better experience to the library. They also brought on massive adoption and likewise a lot of refining fire (issues/contributions) to the libra…

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