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A Definitive Guide to React Native Testing Library

This guide will walk you through React Native testing using React Native Testing Library. We will cover why we would want to use this library, the benefits, how to write tests, and all sorts of stuff while building an exciting game app. Let’s start �…

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Why I Love React

I still remember when I first heard about React. It was January 2014. I was listening to a podcast. Pete Hunt and Jordan Walke were on talking about this framework they created at Facebook that with no support for two way data-binding, no built-in HTTP li…

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I Built My Blog Using MDX, Next.js, and React

An in-depth look at the technical stack behind this very blog! We’ll see how I use Next’s API routes to implement my hit and like counters, how I use MDX to add interaction and customization, and how I organize my codebase, among others.

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