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How I patched Python to include this great Ruby feature

Ruby, unlike Python, makes lots of things implicit, and there’s a special kind of if expression that demonstrates this well. It’s often referred to as an “inline-if” or “conditional modifier”, and this special syntax is able to return one value when a con…

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Why I Use Nim instead of Python for Data Processing

Lazy programmers often prefer to substitute computing effort for programming effort. I am just such a programmer. For my research, I often need to design and run algorithms over large datasets ranging into the scale of terabytes. As a fellow at the NIH, I…

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BFree – Battery free IoT devices with Python

Last year, computer engineers from Northwestern University and Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) introduced the world’s first battery-free Game Boy, which harvests both solar energy and the user’s kinetic energy from button mashing to power an unl…

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