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Language design of Starlark (compared to Python)

Starlark was designed at Google to replace Python as the build description\nlanguage. To allow a smooth migration of the code, Starlark was intended to be\nvery similar to Python. We introduced some differences and simplifications\nthough, to address our …

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Python 3.13 Gets a JIT

Happy New Year everyone! In late December 2023 (Christmas Day to be precise), CPython core developer Brandt Bucher submitted a little pull-request to the Python 3.13 branch adding a JIT compiler.

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Thoughts on Financial Modeling with Python

Spreadsheets remain undefeated for financial modeling1. There are a number of generic tools (e.g. Anaplan) and industry specific tools (e.g. Argus), but they are best used in portfolio management-type scenarios where scale, structure, or auditability are …

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