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JavaScript Design Patterns – Decorator

Decorator is one of the Structural Design Patterns. You’re about to start with gift wrapping for a birthday party. A delicate, fragile gift has to be bubble-wrapped. It is followed by placing it safely in a cardboard box.

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Q1K3 – An homage to Quake in 13kb of JavaScript

### Controls – Movement: WASD or Arrow Keys – Attack: Left Mouse Button – Jump: Space or Right Mouse Button – Switch Weapon: Q/E or Mousewheel If you accidentally scroll the page down when you want to change weapons, either resize your browser wind…

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Curated JavaScript Resources Radar

Lead product storyteller, UX artisan, front-end engineer, and prolific open source contributor. Reimagine product narratives as interactive dashboards, persuasive infographics, and succinct data visualizations. Advocate for performant, functional, testabl…

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