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Java on Visual Studio Code Update – August 2020

Welcome back to the August update of Java on Visual Studio Code. In this update, we will focus on performance improvements and project management. On to the update. Performance improvements IntelliSense (a.k.a. Code Complete) IntelliSense is one of the mo…

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How to “Rock Paper Scissors” in Java

The challenge Let’s play Rock Paper Scissors! You have to return which player won! In case of a draw return Draw!. Examples: The rules of the game Rock Paper Scissors The rules of the game Rock Paper Scissors is quite simple. Rock beats scissors, scissors…

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This Week in Java

OpenJDK finished the migration to the GitHub.Azure Spring Cloud is out. It’s a platform for deploying and managing Spring Boot and Spring Cloud-powered services and software built on Microsoft Azure. It is jointly built, operated, and supported by Microso…

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