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Lumen – Statically compiled Erlang for x86

The Lumen Project is an ambitious compiler development effort to create a complimentary set of compilers and tools that allow developers to get the power of the Erlang VM, The BEAM, in places it does not traditionally fit. Such as the browser. Currently t…

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Erlang and GNU poke are better than hex editors

There are different ways to structure data within a file. In the age of web, the most prominent one is JSON, followed by middle-aged XML and configuration-oriented YAML. Human-readable ways to structure data, however, are just one side of the spectrum. Th…

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Erlang/OTP 24 RC-1 with JIT compiler

OTP 24 Release Candidate 1 This is the first of three planned release candidates before the OTP 24 release. The intention with this release is to get feedback from our users. All feedback is welcom…

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