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Emacs is available on Chromebook and Chrome

Are you a Chromebook user or thinking of becoming one? Are you a die-hard Emacser who needs to see it run even in your browser for no good reason (no judgement)? Either way, Emacs has you covered. Thanks to the efforts of Pete Williamson (and friends), t…

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Customizing Emacs init with org-mode

Now you have installed Emacs1 and have been using it for a while (see my advice or even my quick start guide), you want to level up on the Dark Arts of Emacs and take advantage of the largest Emacs selling-point: customization.

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Don’t Use Terminal Emacs

If you are a terminal guy as I am, or if you’re a terminal gal, you may beinclined to use Emacs in the terminal as well. A couple of my friends who too…

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