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Why Emacs uses the Meta key

Remember my article on why vi uses hjkl keys? It got very popular so I thought I’d also do an article about Emacs. When Stallman and Steele created Emacs, they both worked at MIT’s AI lab. The systems they worked on had these funny keyboards with a bunch …

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Emacs: Watching YouTube with Yeetube and Mpv

I may hate YouTube as a service, but I even I can’t deny the quality of vlogs there. Even though I would strongly prefer to follow folks on PeerTube or Odysee, this will not happen anytime soon for most of the channels. Luckily, with the popularity of You…

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Emacs in a Box

Emacs doesn’t need any presentation. Emacs is a software “Lisp Machine” that provides a programmable text editor, email reader, text web browser, image viwer, calculator, shell, games, easter-eggs and more. Emacs is programmed in Elisp, an Emacs own lis…

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