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SysAdvent: Running Jekyll with Docker and OpenShift

OpenShift is currently en vogue in the company. The ease of use and scaleability found in a container based system allows us to automate the build and deployment steps of containers through software like Kubernetes/OpenShift. Jekyll We have visited Jekyll…

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DevOps, Docker, and Empathy

Just because we’re using containers doesn’t mean that we “do DevOps.” Docker is not some kind of fairy dust that you can sprinkle around your code and applications to deploy faster. It is only a tool, albeit a very powerful one. And like every tool, it ca…

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Docker vs. binary packages

The other day I had a conversation with a Operations Engineer who made a bold statement: “Sending us a docker container is not different from sending us a .deb package” I do not agree with that statement at all but didn’t have the time to counter it, so …

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