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New Testing Features in Django 4.0 – Adam Johnson

Django 4.0 had its first alpha release last week and the final release should be out in December. It contains an abundance of new features, which you can check out in the release notes. In this post we’ll look at the changes to testing in a bit more depth…

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Type Check Your Django App

Recently, I gave a talk, Type Check your Django app at two conferences – Euro Python 2021 and PyCon India 2021. The talk was about adding Python gradual typing to Django using third-party package Django-stubs focussed heavily around Django Models. The blo…

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Django 4.0 alpha 1 released

Django 4.0 alpha 1 is now available. It represents the first stage in the 4.0 release cycle and is an opportunity for you to try out the changes coming in Django 4.0.

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