Can we have a 2017 discussion around rogue JavaScript redirect ads on mobile?

When will Google AdSense / AdX / other ad networks get rid of the rogue redirect ads? Visitors keep blaming publishers, but there’s little we can do. I… – Artem Russakovskii – Google+… Read more


Svelte: JavaScript Framework without the overhead

If you've ever built a JavaScript application, the chances are you've encountered – or at least heard of – frameworks like React, Angular, Vue and Ractive. Like Svelte, these tools all share a goal of making it easy to build slick interactive user int...

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Why JavaScript on microcontrollers makes sense

Three weeks ago, during 2016, we announced JavaScript on mbed, which enables developers to write firmware for IoT devices in JavaScript. This is not done by transpiling JavaScript into C++ or Assembly, but rather by running the JerryScript VM ...

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