Camera Calibration from Scratch Using Rust (Computer Vision Tutorial)

calibration is generally understood to be the process of estimating the characteristics of a camera that affect the formation of images of real 3D scenes… Read more


Next Rust Compiler

In Rust in 2023, @nrc floated an idea of a Rust compiler rewrite. As my hobby is writing Rust compiler frontends (1, 2), I have some (but not very many) thoughts here! The post consists of two parts, covering organizational and technical aspects. (more…)

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Rust’s Most Unrecognized Contributor

I think the Rust language is a big success. When I think back on it I am in awe: so much had to go right to get where we are, and there were so many opportunities to go wrong. It took many tiny miracles for the Rust language to become what it has. Those m... (more…)

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