Calculator in Vim – The Expression Register

~ 1 minute As a software developer you probably have to perform actions like copying different pieces of your code from multiple files into different locations of your current Vim session. Using only system clipboard, this can be a cumbersome and time con… Read more


Folding in Vim

Folding is a way to collapse some chunks of code and thus hiding it from the view. That comes handy if you want to focus on editing of some other part of the file and don't want everything else to clutter your view. (more…)

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Vim’s Arglist as a File-Centric Todo List

I often find myself wanting to make similar edits to a set of files within a project. More than I can do with sed, but simple enough that ag + vim are the perfect tools for the job. In the age-old tradition of using blog posts as notes to one’s future sel... (more…)

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