Caches in Rust

In this post I’ll describe how to implement caches in Rust.It is inspired by two recent refactors I landed at nearcore (nearcore#6549, nearcore#6811).B… Read more


Working with Rust

Working with Rust Working with Rust is a set of examples that cover common programming functions, tasks, and problems. It assumes a base programming knowledge and looking for the proper syntax and … (more…)

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Why Dark didn’t choose Rust

With the election in the state it is, I'm going to stop pretending that I can do work right now. So instead, I'll just milk the success of my last two posts and hope that none of you are really working right now either. As discussed in the two previous... (more…)

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A Possible New Backend for Rust

Is that a compiler backend or frontend? Cranelift Bringing this together Benchmarks Footnotes LLVM originally stood for Low Level Virtual Machine but this was dropped as LLVM is no longer a virtual machine and more of a library of utilities. https://githu... (more…)

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