Building on solid ground: ensuring reproducible Docker builds for Python

Sometime last month you built a Docker image for your Python application. Today you start with the same revision, fix a minor bug, and build a new image from scratch. And suddenly you’ve got a mess on your hands. If your build is not reproducible, you mig… Read more


Docker: Taming the Beast – Part I

Docker is one of those things that, one day, started popping in forums, in IRC channels discussions and on Hacker News and making the buzz, but I never took time to really know what that was really about. Of course I don’t live in a cave: I had heard of i... (more…)

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A Practical Introduction to Docker Compose

Docker containers opened a world of possibilities for the tech community, hassles in setting up new software were decreased unlike old times when a mess was to be sorted by a grievous format, it reduced the time to set up and use new software which eventu... (more…)

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