Building a PostgreSQL Wire Protocol Server Using Vanilla, Modern Java 21

A dual-purpose tutorial to 1) Demonstrate how to implement the Simple Query Protocol, where Java is an implementation detail; 2) Show practical examples of most of the new features since JDK 17, including Records, Sealed Types, Pattern Matching for Switch… Read more


Oracle opens up Java EE

Oracle continues to make progress Java EE 8, the enterprise edition for the Java platform, and moving forward it would like to advance Java EE within a more open and collaborative community. Specifications are nearly complete and the Java team expects to ... (more…)

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Top-10 Bugs in Java Projects in 2020

The New Year is steadily approaching, therefore it's time to sum everything up. Continuing the tradition, we thought back to our articles about checking Java projects from the open-source world for this year and rated the top 10 most exciting bugs. (more…)

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