Build a Static Website Using React JS: Part #1 Project Setup and Website UI

In this tutorial series we will learn to build a static website using React JS, Complete with Search Engine Optimization, Code Splitting, Pre-rendering and gzipping. We will also handle form Submission using a Serverless API and later publish our website. Read more


Create a Hover Button in a React App

This guide will discuss the step-by-step process of creating a hover button in a React app. We will see two methods of creating a hover button: using pure CSS and using mouse events in the React app. We will also discuss different effects of a hover butto... (more…)

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What’s New in Create React App

Less than a year ago, we introduced Create React App as an officially supported way to create apps with zero configuration. The project has since enjoyed tremendous growth, with over 950 commits by more than 250 contributors. (more…)

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