Build a Node.js REST API with Fastify PostgreSQL and Swagger Documentation

This multi part video series is a chance to learn one of my curated workflows for quickly building a REST API with Fastify, NodeJS, and Postgresql that is self documenting and able to be scaled very easily for much larger projects. Read more


Node v8.0.0 Released

The next major release of Node.js brings a range of significant changes and additions, far too many for us to cover adequately in a blog post such as this. This article contains a summary of the most significant changes and features. (more…)

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Best practices for Node developers [audio]

Node.js development began a bit like the Wild West, but over time idioms, anti-patterns, and best practices have emerged. Yoni Goldberg’s Node Best Practices repo on GitHub collects, documents, and explains the best practices for Node developers. On this ... (more…)

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