bug: TypeScript is not an ECMAScript superset post-ES2015

Bug Report This bug report will show that TypeScript is no longer an ECMAScript subset as of ES2015 due to its refusal to support import specifier rewrites for contrived and misplaced reasons. Pref… Read more


TypeScript 4.1 Beta

Today we’re announcing the availability of TypeScript 4.1 Beta! To get started using the beta, you can get it through NuGet, or use npm with the following command: npm install typescript@beta You can also get editor support by Downloading for Visual Studi... (more…)

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Reservations About TypeScript

TypeScript has become a huge part of the JavaScript community in the last year or so, especially with the advent of Angular 2. Just over a year and a half ago, we were looking to make some architectural changes to our Angular application at work and we ha... (more…)

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