Blocky archive: Archiving utility with forward error correction in Rust

Blocky archive – multithreaded archiver offering bit rot protection and sector level recoverability – darrenldl/blockyarchive… Read more


The Newtype Pattern in Rust

Programming design patterns are patterns that come up in a variety of different situations while programming. In this article I discuss the Newtype design pattern. Specifically, I discuss it in the context of the Rust programming language, and how to solv... (more…)

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Best way to learn Rust programming

Here's my advice, aside from the usual advice of "Just read The Book!": Read Amos Wegner's A half-hour to learn Rust Go through Richard Anaya's Tour of Rust Checkout the Rustlings repo and do all the exercises, referring to The Book when necessary Get... (more…)

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TiKV Rust Client – 0.1 release

We're pleased to announce the 0.1 release of the TiKV Rust client. TiKV is a distributed key-value store. TiKV is powerful, mature, and widely used as part of TiDB (a 'NewSQL' database). It is open source and written in Rust. However, up until now it has ... (more…)

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