Bitfields Forever: Why We Need a C-Compatible Rust Crate

What Are Bitfields? The C programming language is a product of a time where it was important to use as few resoures as possible. Memory was measured in kilobytes rather than gigabytes as we do today. Bitfields offer a handy way to reduce memory usage. How… Read more


A Sad Day for Rust

actix-web is dead. This situation is bad, from all sides. When Rust was a tiny, tiny community, I thought to myself, “wow, I wonder how long this will last? Probably 1.0 will kill it.” Sort of playing off of Eternal September, I assumed that over... | Ste... (more…)

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Rust Interior Mutability Patterns

Rusts type system requires that there only ever is one mutable reference to a value or one or more shared references. What happens when you need multiple references to some value, but also need to mutate through them? We use a trick called interor mutabil... (more…)

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