Automate My Closet with Python (Code with Me) [video, 19:04]

Hello! In this video, we create an tkinter app that automates your closet and generates an outfit using Python! This video was inspired by the Clueless scene… Read more


Writing Python inside your Rust code

About a year ago, I published a Rust crate called inline-python, which allows you to easily mix some Python into your Rust code using a python!{ .. } macro. In this series, I’ll go through the process of developing this crate from scratch. (more…)

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Python API Documentation using flasgger

Swagger is a Specification for visualizing Restful Web Services. It represents the RESTFUL API and can be integrated with almost any programming lanugage. With OpenAPI’s specification, User can understand and consume services without knowledge of server... (more…)

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