Auto-Mat – Analyse Java Heap Dumps from Commandline

A while ago, I had to analyse a large java heap dump, generated by one of our servers after a memory leak. This was hard.
I usually use Eclipse MAT for the job, but this time, it was so large the tool could not parse the heap dump in an acceptable time, … Read more


Seeing Register Allocation Working in Java

When the Java Virtual Machine compiles your Java code to machine code, one of the jobs it needs to do is to decide where to store Java local variables and other similar temporary values. Your machine has no concept of local variables, so during compilatio... (more…)

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Sound Synthesis in Java

Sound Synthesis in Java Copyright © 2015 Evan X. Merz. All rights reserved. To download the source code in this book, visit The Beads Library as well as the associated documentation can be found at ... (more…)

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