Auto-Mat – Analyse Java Heap Dumps from Commandline

A while ago, I had to analyse a large java heap dump, generated by one of our servers after a memory leak. This was hard.
I usually use Eclipse MAT for the job, but this time, it was so large the tool could not parse the heap dump in an acceptable time, … Read more


Can we make Java better already?

Fair warning, before I begin, this is a rant. I spent the last two weekends trying to put together a project using Spring Boot, JDBI, Postgres, and Liquibase. I spent the entire time fighting with the tooling. Spring, for all... (more…)

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New Relic – The State of Java Report

While self-reported data suggests that running the latest and greatest JVM in production is the way forward, the recent report by New Relic (which monitors real JVMs in production) suggests that the Java landscape is dominated by Java 8, and to a lesser e... (more…)

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