Async engines in C++20, Rust, & Zig

Thanks much to João Guilherme Araújo for hi and bye in Portuguese! code (including some code from others): https://github… Read more


Funding of GCC Front-End for Rust

Open Source Security, Inc is proud to announce its funding of a full-time and public development effort of a GCC front-end for Rust. In this blog post, we'll detail the motivations for our involvement and the benefits the public will reap as a result of ... (more…)

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Rewriting Minefield Mahjong in Rust

In order to learn Rust better, I decided to rewrite one of my previous projects, Minefield Mahjong. The game was originally written in Python, so I had an opportunity to see which ideas translate well and what needs to be different. (more…)

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A Possible New Back End for Rust

Is that a compiler backend or frontend? Cranelift Bringing this together Benchmarks Footnotes LLVM originally stood for Low Level Virtual Machine but this was dropped as LLVM is no longer a virtual machine and more of a library of utilities. https://githu... (more…)

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