Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Now Supports PL/Rust

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) for PostgreSQL now supports trusted PL/Rust, allowing developers to safely build high-performance database functions in the Rust programming language. PL/Rust is an open-source project that lets you write Ru… Read more


Four years with Rust

Today is four years since I first learned about the existence of Rust. I know this because Rust 0.5 was the first release I used. Rust has changed a lot in that time. For a brief overview of its history, watch this talk of mine. But for today, I... | Stev...

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Rust’s Freedom Flaws

As free software activists, we all enjoy using the latest and greatest in free software, but we need to make sure that the software we are using really does respect our freedom. Many users have expressed to us their desire to run Rust, since it appears t... (more…)

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