Alexa isn’t the future of AI–it’s a glorified radio clock, and stupid otherwise

Alexa is basically a dumb, stubborn clock radio guised as artificial intelligence. But still, she plays Taylor Swift pretty damn well. Is this what you wanted, Amazon?


AI to Generate Client Content

Yes, that image that you’re seeing is completely generated from AI to deliver (blog) content to an Interior designer here in Vancouver. To help with their organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The generated themes ranged from that article, talking abo... (more…)

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Updates and Lessons from AI Forecasting

Earlier this year, my research group commissioned 6 questions for professional forecasters to predict about AI. Broadly speaking, 2 were on geopolitical aspects of AI and 4 were on future capabilities: Geopolitical: How much larger or smaller will the l... (more…)

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