AI Writing Code Will Make Software Engineers More Valuable

With the release of OpenAI’s GPT-3 the topic of AI writing code is hot again. GPT-3 is a natural language model that, given some examples, tries to predict appropriate text output for a given text input. Since code is just text, there’s the question of wh… Read more


Use of AI to increase debt collection

In this part we will look at the Data Collection and Preparation. We collected data related to customer demographics, data about existing recoveries base, collection agents, external agencies data, lawyers data, call logs, payment history etc. (more…)

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When AI goes wrong (transcript)

So, you trained a great AI model and deployed it in your app? It’s smooth sailing from there right? Well, not in most people’s experience. Sometimes things goes wrong, and you need to know how to respond to a real life AI incident. In this episode, Andrew... (more…)

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