AI That Predicted Kentucky Derby and Chicago Cubs Likes Green Bay for Super Bowl

An artificial intelligence platform that correctly picked the Kentucky Derby superfecta and the Chicago Cubs to win the World Series has chosen the Green Bay Packers to win Super Bowl LI.


A Moore’s Law for AI

We’re releasing an analysis showing that since 2012 the amount of compute needed to train a neural net to the same performance on ImageNet classification has been decreasing by a factor of 2 every 16 months. Compared to 2012, it now takes 44 times less co... (more…)

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AI-powered tiebreak mechanisms in chess

In this paper, we propose that AI systems serve as a judge in the event of a draw in games such as chess and in the event of a tie in tournaments. More specifically, we introduce a family of AI-based scoring mechanisms and the concept of "tiebreak strateg... (more…)

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