After 3 Months of JavaScript Linting, It’s Pretty Much All Pain and No Gain

Up until about 3 months ago, I had never used a linter. When we started InVision App, we played around with a coding style-guide; but, we quickly found out that no one stuck to it; and, frankly, we didn’t have time to worry about it – we were just trying … Read more


JSNews – JavaScript News Android App

JSNews is app for JavaScript programming language that keeps you updated with latest JavaScript news, articles and updates from top JavaScript developers and blogs. Being up-to-date with your language of choice is crucial to become a better developer by l... (more…)

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How JavaScript linters cause bugs

I was doing code review for a coworker yesterday, and it soon became obvious that he used a linter and that the linter gave him a bright idea: use strict comparisons. Using strict comparisons is a great rule to follow. === instead of ==, !== instead of !=... (more…)

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