A Tour in the Wonderland of Math with Python

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Top Real Python Articles of 2019

We've come to the end of 2019. Python 2 has just a handful of days before it goes unsupported. And I've met up with Dan Bader from RealPython.com to look back at the year of Python articles on his website. We dive into the details behind 10 of his most im... (more…)

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Changing Python’s string search algorithms

Fredrik Lundh crafted our current string search algorithms, and they've served us very well. They're nearly always as fast as dumbest-possible brute force search, and sometimes much faster. This was bought with some very cheap one-pass preprocessing of t... (more…)

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Image Processing in Python Using PIL

Image Processing mainly deals with processing digital images, performing a mathematical operation on image data to enhance, transform them. Image processing is widely used in the most field of science today. It is used in medical science (CT Scan, MRI), S... (more…)

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