A stack-less Rust coroutine library under 100 LoC

As of stable Rust 1.39.0, it is possible to
implement a very basic and safe
coroutine library using Rust’s
async/await support, and
in under 100 lines of code. The implementation depends solely on std and is
stack-less (meaning, not depending on an separ… Read more


Rust trained my sense for spotting UB in C

I had an interesting experience this week at work. My senior colleague and I was working on some code for a project with a deadline of Friday. After a change in the code, we suddenly started getting garbage values out on our serial from the microcontrolle... (more…)

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Efficient custom shapes in QtQuick with Rust

One of the advantages of QWidgets when building a Qt application is the ability to build in a simple way custom widgets with the QPainter API. This gives the Qt developer almost total freedom to implement complex geometries for their widgets. On the other... (more…)

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