A Problem with Type Checking (in Python and Oil Shell)

For the oil prototype, I used Python 3 rather than Python 2 to take advantage
of both type annotations and type checking with mypy. The
mypy type system seems fairly similar to the C++ type system, so these
annotations should help when porting the parser…


RStudio v1.4 Preview: Python Support

Last week, we introduced RStudio’s new visual markdown editor. Today, we’re excited to introduce some of the expanded support for Python in the next release of RStudio. Python Support The RStudio 1.4 release introduces a number of features that will furth... (more…)

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Create Word Clouds in Python

In this article, you’ll learn to create your own word cloud in Python. We’ll be using an easy-to-use module called `wordcloud`. Based on the official documentation, this module has the following advantages: (more…)

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