A pragmatic approach to global state in a 3rd party library called from Rust

One of the first things I learned when programming professionally is that global variables are bad. We all take it for granted that it’s bad practice to write code that relies heavily on global state but the other day I was working with a 3rd party native… Read more


Yoshua Wuyts: State Machines in Rust

Every now and then I like to think about topics that don't directly relate to my daily work. One of those topics has been parsers: back in January I wrote about byte-ordered stream parsing and how I think we can improve streaming parsing in Rust with a sm... (more…)

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Speeding up Rust builds inside Docker

Currently it is not possible to instruct cargo, the Rust package manager, to build only the dependencies of the software you are compiling! This means you can't easily pre-install build dependencies. Luckily you can workaround this with cargo build -p! I'... (more…)

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