A performance comparison between Rust web-frameworks Iron and Nickel

This is part 3 of the Great Rust Web Experiment. See Part 1 about Iron, and Part 2 about Nickel, and how it compares to Iron. In short, I’ve built the same r…


Rust and SDL2 = Textures

As I’ve worked on my Pushrod library over the past year, one of the major struggles I encountered was trying to figure out how to draw using just the GPU, instead of drawing directly to the on-screen Canvas. (more…)

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Achieving warp speed with Rust

If you're looking to write fast code in Rust, good news! Rust makes it really easy to write really fast code. The focus on zero-cost abstractions, the lack of implicit boxing and the static memory management means that even naïve code is often faster than... (more…)

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