A Makefile for Emacs Packages

Each of my Emacs packages has a Makefile to byte-compile all source
files, run the tests, build a package file, and, in some cases, run the
package in an interactive, temporary, isolated Emacs instance. These
portable Makefiles have a similar structure an… Read more


Emacs Tramp Tricks

Emacs is amazing. It’s a very different sort of thing than a code text editor like Vim or an IDE like VSCode. It’s a different way of thinking of how to interact with a computer, where you build up techniques on top of simple tricks that let you get amazi... (more…)

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Emacs and Tmux

Hello. My name is PerlStalker and I'm an emacs user. I love emacs and use it for nearly everything but there are a few things it's not good at. (... (more…)

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