A Makefile for Emacs Packages

Each of my Emacs packages has a Makefile to byte-compile all source
files, run the tests, build a package file, and, in some cases, run the
package in an interactive, temporary, isolated Emacs instance. These
portable Makefiles have a similar structure an… Read more


Emacs Lisp Challenge: Flaky-If

SCENARIO: An Emacs user gets up and leaves the room, leaving their Emacs instance running and unattended. As a prank, you decide to overwrite the built-in if operator with another operator that is just like if except that it occansionally swaps its then- ... (more…)

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How to Write a Book in Emacs

Writing a book is a time consuming process, and if you’re going to dedicate a year, or more, of your life to it, it makes sense to pick the best tool for the job. If you’re technically inclined – and if you use Emacs – then the choice is obvious. (more…)

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