A curious case of memory leak in a Node.js app

This is a story of a bug I had an opportunity to fix in the ancient times of node.js 0.10. The new and shiny node.js 0.12 was still just glimmering somewhere on the horizon, we were still young and beautiful. Some of us, at least.


Make Node.js Core Bigger

Node.js currently has the smallest standard library of any comparable platform. Combined with great ecosystem tooling like npm this approach has been a huge success. This success has created a…...

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Node.js based modular CIDR Scanner

Sk4ll is a modular and plugin based CIDR scanner which got inspired by this [article](https://infosecwriteups.com/how-i-discovered-thousands-of-open-databases-on-aws-764729aa7f32) by [Avi Lumelsky](https://mobile.twitter.com/avi_lum). Just to keep in mind... (more…)

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