A complete guide to email in Emacs using mu and mu4e

Most email clients are a pain. Emacs & mu4e are less of a pain. Read more


Introduction to Profiling in Emacs

Whenever Emacs feels slow, or you want to check out just how big the impact of something is RAM or CPU wise, then you can use the built-in Emacs profiler. This is a very basic introduction on how to get started with it. (more…)

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Labeling Wedding Pictures with Emacs

Context I am going through the PAIP book by Peter Norvig using emacs-lisp and would encourage every Emacs fan to try that. However, AI cannot solve all of our problems just yet! Sometimes you just need the computer to guide you to accomplish a repetitive ... (more…)

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More Batteries Included with Emacs

Continuing from last time, here are a dozen more tricks Emacs has up its sleeve that it’s shy about telling you. We continue to chip away at Emacs’ discoverability problem, one demo at a time. Same rules as before: No packages, stock Emacs only No ste... (more…)

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