4 reasons companies shouldn’t waste money on complex AI chatbots

The chatbot hype is still growing and, every day, new assistants are unveiled on the world’s leading messenger platforms. At my company, however, instead of wasting resources on a building a complicated “smart” chatbot, we developed a simple, rule-based o…


Google forms Montreal AI research group, gives $3.37M

Google is announcing today that it's setting up a deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) research unit in its office in Montreal and giving $3.37 million in grant money to deep learning luminary Yoshua Bengio and seven other people associated with...

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The human side of AI for chess

Researchers at Microsoft, University of Toronto, and Cornell University have created new chess AI that better matches human play at various skill levels. Learn how Maia, a custom chess engine, predicts individual players’ moves with up to 75% accuracy whe... (more…)

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