24 days of Rust – static initialization

Static variables are available
throughout the entire life of a program. They are allocated in a block of
memory known at compile time. Due to that, they tend to represent global
state that the program can access.
It’s getting especially tricky if one stat…


Why hire Rust developers for your project?

Are you thinking about making your new project on Rust but don’t believe that you can hire skilled Rust developers? Evrone offers you Middle & Senior Rust developers to scale your team or an independent outsourcing team that can bring your most comple... (more…)

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A C# programmer examines Rust – Part 1

It’s a dark, gloomy February night and I can hear the rain pelting against the windows of my office, behind me. It’s late, but I’ve lost track of time. I am puzzling over some code, kind of hacking away at it, trying to gain clarity. On my second monitor ... (more…)

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