24 days of Rust – rayon

Let me start this article with a confession: I suck at writing parallel code.
I have only a vague idea about mutexes, locks and other low level primitives
for handling data between threads. And since I work mostly with Python,
I tend to use multiprocessin…


Revisiting a ‘Smaller Rust’

A bit over a year ago, I wrote some notes on a “smaller Rust” - a higher level language that would take inspiration from some of Rust’s type system innovations, but would be simpler by virtue of targeting a domain with less stringent requirements for user... (more…)

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Rust RFC: Structural Records

🖼️ Rendered 📝 Summary Introduce structural records of the form { foo: 1u8, bar: true } of type { foo: u8, bar: bool } into the language. Another way to understand these sorts of objects is to think... (more…)

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