24 days of Rust – error_chain

If you have a background in Python, Java or C++, you’re probably used to
raising exceptions if something goes wrong. Rust doesn’t have exceptions.
The official Rust book has a
comprehensive chapter on error handling,
but the TL;DR is we should probably us…


Llama Rust SDK preview 0.1.3

The last time I released a preview of Llama's Rust SDK (around 8 months ago) the blog entry was filled with caveats about its limitations. Most of those still apply, but there has been significant progress. The most notable thing is that I now have par... (more…)

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Writing an OS in Rust: Handling Exceptions

In this post, we start exploring CPU exceptions. Exceptions occur in various erroneous situations, for example when accessing an invalid memory address or when dividing by zero. To catch them, we have to set up an interrupt descriptor table that provides ... (more…)

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