1kb JavaScript UI Library HyperApp Benchmarks on par with InfernoJS

Hey @jbucaran
The docs seem to lack any mention of “blazing fast” or similar 😀
Do you have any of the common benchmarks implemented to know where hyperapp fits into either [1] or [2]?
[1] https://…


Rails and JavaScript: Part 1

Previously on Locally Sourced: Well, in 2005 I came across a cool web framework called Ruby on Rails. More recently, I wrote a book about integrating Rails and front-end tools. If you want, you could buy it. Today, I thought I’d go back to the beginning… (more…)

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Pull-streams for JavaScript

pull streams pull-streams are a very simple streaming primitive, but can do everything that streams need to do, from back pressure to propagating errors (which node streams do not support!) You can...

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