151-byte static Linux binary in Rust

Part of the sales pitch for Rust is that it’s “as bare metal as C”. 1 Rust can do anything C can do, run anywhere C can run, 2 with code… Read more


Creating WASM-opt Rust bindings with cxx

wasm-opt is a component of the Binaryen toolkit, written in C++, that optimizes WebAssembly modules, I have recently created a wasm-opt bindings crate for Rust (with the extensive help of my partner Aimeedeer). The wasm-opt crate allows wasm-opt to be ins... (more…)

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Rust Binary Tree: A Refactor

Rust is a beautiful and complex beast. Despite being a truly low-level language, it has amazing features and abstractions available for us as developers. I personally have a (functional) JavaScript… (more…)

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