AI Generated Rom-Com

A professional ‘breakup broker’ who helps people end relationships meets her match in a charming client who hires her to break up with his girlfriend, not re…

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Vue and Vite for the Future

VueConf 2024 于 7 月 6 日在深圳举办。Vue.js 作者亲临现场并发表主题演讲,演讲的主题为「面向未来的 Vue 和 Vite」。, 视频播放量 28148、弹幕量 14、点赞数 603、投硬币枚数 249、收藏人数 703、转发人数 224, 视频作者 前端圈, 作者简介 ,相关视频:Vue & Vite:现状与未来 – 尤雨溪,Vue3 + vite + Ts + pinia + 实战 + 源码 + electron,【2023最新版】Vue3从入门到精通,零基础小白也能听得…

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Java Virtual Threads: A Case Study

This article explores JDK 21’s virtual threads, comparing their performance with Open Liberty’s thread pool. It covers key findings like throughput, ramp-up times, and memory footprint. Despite advantages, virtual threads showed unexpected performance iss…

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